Business Class Flights That Are Worth Booking!

When it comes to booking your next flight, you can choose to travel standard economy or up the ante to Business Class and travel in style! We’re here to help you decide which flight routes are truly worth booking that luxurious business class seat. With outstanding amenities available by leading airline providers you’ll be able to arrive at your destination even more well rested than when you left! With new comfortable flat bed options, outstanding dining service and no airport lines- there are times when flying Business Class is truly the best option. Especially when you’re travelling for business and it’s important that you reach your destination well rested and ready for work. Below, we created a list of several flight routes where Business Class is extremely popular and should be considered by every traveler.

  • Dubai

Emirates Business class is one of the best in the business. Their Business Class flights could be either the luxurious 777 or A380. You’ll receive award winning personal service, a 40 kg baggage allowance and trust us when we say you won’t regret one second of it. Once in Dubai, visit the Burj Khalifa, one of the most famous and distinct skyscrapers in the world. If you’re visiting as a vacation with your family – you can also take a stroll to the Burj Plaza, where there is a calm yet luxurious atmosphere. Once you make it to Dubai, we highly recommend visiting the Palm Jumeirah as well. This majestic man-made palm shaped island houses luxury beach resorts, amazing shopping malls and even theme parks!

  • London

Flying to London is at it’s best with Business Class luxury. Terminal 5 is one of the most gorgeous airport terminals in the world and is best experienced with the ease and amenities that First or Business Class tickets offer. The delicious food offerings and classy service is unforgettable as we have personally experienced. Not to mention, London itself is a special city filled with character and tourist sites ranging from Big Ben, London Bridge and more! Lastly, it is one of the biggest financial centres in Europe and there’s no better way to attend an important meeting than by traveling Business Class to work in comfort. 

Next time you consider flying internationally for business or pleasure, we hope you consider utilizing our amazing concierge service to book the best Business Class flight for your needs at incredible rates! Luxury Business Class agents are professionals 100% committed to your happiness and satisfaction throughout your booking experience. Take advantage of our 30%-75% off deals today!

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