Explore Spain: A guide to Spanish Travel on its Eastern Coast!

When I visited Spain with my family, I never realized just how diverse, culturally active and amazing this European country truly is. The majestic landscapes, food and ambience make Spain an absolute must travel destination for any avid traveler in 2022. We explored two different sections of the country both north and south- and were delighted with what both Costa Brava (North) & Costa Del Sol brought to the table. Enjoy this travel guide we wrote up about our experiences and why we loved visiting Spain!!
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1. Barcelona & More (Costa Brava)

The northeastern coast of Spain is known for its luxurious beaches, iconic festivals and rich viticulture near the border with France. This region is a popular vacation spot all year round and boasts museums about Artists such as Salvador Dali and medieval castles and architecture such as the city of Girona where you will be transported back in time. With hot-spots such as Lloret De Mar, Blanes and more, this majestic plain along the edge of the Catalonian coastline is definitely worth visiting on your next trip. Cruising right along we encounter just a few KM to the south, the wonderful city of Barcelona! From La Rambla, it’s a busy street with bars and restaurants to the gothic portions of the city, the energy and vibe of this city is absolutely one of a kind. Don’t forget about the shopping! From Zara to small boutique shops, Barcelona has something special for everyone to enjoy.

2. Costa Del Sol (Marbella & More!)

While the northern part of Spain is certainly special, one would be remiss to forget about the sunny coast of Costa Del Sol. Stretching from the City of Malaga downward towards Marbella & beyond, the laid back sensibilities and beach culture of this part of Spain stands out. There are numerous luxury Spa facilities & Golf Course hotels in this area where you shouldn’t be surprised to bump into international celebrities enjoying their own vacation in this unique region! The long stretch of Mediterranean coastline is home to “hundreds” of beaches and its trendy clubs are second to none in all of Europe, don’t hesitate to check them out. If you’re feeling particularly daring, travel down to Algeciras in order to catch a ferry to the Moroccan city of Tangiers, where you explore the Kasbah & and of the wonderful sites this international city hosts. 

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