Luxury Summer Business Class Destinations you won’t wanna miss!


Has this endless Coronavirus isolation got you down? No worries! It’s a sign that it’s time to book an amazing and luxurious getaway this Summer season! Our team at Luxury Business Class is here to help and have gathered a list of some of the most exotic and sought after destinations we’ve been booking our clients this year. Just pick your ideal location and our agents will set you up with the most affordable Business class tickets on the market!

1. Athens, Greece

Seeing the Acropolis – a hilltop fortified with strong fortress walls at the top of the city glow at night is perhaps one of the most charming experiences one can achieve in Europe today. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is also an outstanding structure and place to visit while touring this ancient and unique country and culture. It goes without saying that the feta cheese, moussaka and olives in Athens are out of this world! As if all this wasn’t enough – Greece is blessed with sunshine year-round, definitely worth a visit!


2.     Amalfi Coast 

Magically suspended between the blue sky and the iridescent colored sea, the Amalfi coast seems to be one of the most majestic coastal getaways this season. This popular seaside region is known for its outstanding beaches, luxurious seafood and of course- their world famous lemon orchards and limoncello, a delicious lemon liquor you must try! With great weather into September, outstanding gardens and it’s designation as a Unesco world heritage site- the Amalfi Coast is a must visit destination this Summer!


3.     Venice, Italy

If you still haven’t visited Venice, don’t waste a moment and book today! This ancient Italian city of canals, gondolas, glass and exquisite local ambience and cuisine is an absolutely outstanding destination for this summer season. Beautiful squares like St. Marks and outstanding architectural delights like the Rialto bridge are just some of the historical sights that make this city so special. Visiting the famous Murano island to inspect their world famous glass works is yet another highlight of the region but honestly, just walking around this city aimlessly can keep a tourist enamored for hours so whatever you do upon arrival, you won’t go wrong in Venice!!


No matter which destination you choose this Summer, it’s time to get back to enjoying all the amazing places and travel locations you’ve been meaning to visit. Take advantage of our competitive rates for Luxury Business Class flight accommodations to these destinations and more as we overcome the challenges of covid-19 and get back to our traveling ways!

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