A Ferry  to The International City of Tangiers, Morocco!

One of the most unique trips I ever took was when I visited the very southern part of Spain, Gibraltar and eventually Morocco. The joy I felt being able to traverse international borders via “Ferry” was one of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever undertaken. Specifically, the amazing ocean views, cultural diversity and general warm hospitality made this region close to my heart and I hope to be able to help you folks out when you next have a chance to visit these unique destinations.
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1. Gibraltar → Port of Tarifa →  Tangiers

When taking the ferry (which is quite affordable!) from Spain to Tangiers the best airport to fly into would be in Malaga. This unique travel path allows one to experience all types of interesting “hot spots” along the way. One of the easiest and most worthwhile stops to make is at the famous “Island” of Gibraltar. What makes this spot so special is that although it technically lies in Spanish territory this small point is actually run by the British Authorities. It uses English money (pounds sterling), serves English food such as fish and chips and has a strong English culture! It is also famous for its apes living on top of the mountain as well as beautiful oceanside scenery.
Moving right along – once you head to Tarifa, the primary port between Spain & Morocco for civilian passengers, you will reach the majestic city of Tangiers. With a heavy French influence (as in most of Morocco) you will see beautiful cafes on the main roads as well as more traditional North African style restaurants. The patchwork quilt of French, Muslim, Berber & more identities leads to this city being a true melting pot of culture and ideas. The Kasbah or marketplace holds numerous treasures that can only be found in this part of the world. From authentic sweet mint tea to the flowing garments worn by the locals, I guarantee that you will find a unique welcome once you arrive in the city of Tangiers.
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