Best European Vacation Spots: 2022 Spring Edition!

Right about the end of February is when everyone feels like Winter just won’t end but don’t get down, Spring is right around the corner! At Luxury Business Class we are committed to ensuring you have the best Spring getaway possible. You deserve to be able to travel in luxury to your favorite destinations and we’ve taken the time out to make this list of hottest 2022 Euro locations you can’t afford to miss! Feel free to take a look and contact one of our professional travel liaisons to confirm your next journey!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is an absolutely gorgeous city along the Adriatic Coast and it is most certainly  a smart location to visit during the less busy Spring season in order to avoid those Summer crowds. This ancient city has serious culture and vibes  due to its winding limestone streets, impressive seaside walls and sophisticated demeanor. Make sure to check out Dubrovnik’s beaches as well as the must-experience cable car ride which offers outstanding views of the Adriatic and the city that you’ll never forget. Don’t forget to stop at your favorite Game of Thrones filming locations which pop up all around the city – for diehards there’s even a guided tour!

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is an absolutely breathtaking island off Greece’s south-east coast. It is easily one of the most pristinely majestic and recognizable of the Greek islands and is slowly becoming ever more popular as a destination location for tourists from around the world. What makes this location so unique is it’s cliffside urban landscape which offers outstanding views,  luxurious beach access and an atmosphere that can best be described as a “natural wonderland” The island was shaped in this way after a violent volcanic explosion caused the center of the island to sink into the sea hundreds of years ago. The result is the splendid Santorini we know and love, packed with luxurious resorts, shopping areas and nature that is distinctive as its namesake.

We hope that this list of some of the most outstanding Spring destinations got you a little bit more excited about your next vacation. If you fly business for work- we’re also prepared to provide you with some of the most affordable rates available on the market today. Don’t hesitate- contact Luxury Business Class to book your flight today and we’ll set you up with some of the most affordable Business Class flights to your desired destination!

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