The Best Perks of Flying Business Class!

Choosing to fly Business Class is a decision that comes with a number of perks that cannot be underestimated. From the amazing food to the great swag and outstanding customer experience- it’s truly something everyone should try when traveling. There are certain bonuses that you experience both in the airport as well as during the flight experience that stand out as worth mentioning when you consider booking Business for your next flight. Whether you’re flying for either work or pleasure, let’s lay out why you should fly business for your next journey! 

Amazing Amenities and Swag: 

When you fly Business, the airlines often offer you some of the most amazing swag you’ll ever receive while on flight. From noise cancelling headphones from some of the most well known brands to lotions, mouthwash and extra comfy blankets and pillows Business Class makes a big difference! These are the small touches that really help provide an outstanding and enjoyable flight experience.

Unlimited Food and Drink Service:

What could be more enjoyable than endless snacks and beverages while 36,000 thousand feet in the air. Yup, that means endless IPA’s, Martinis or cranberry ginger ales- whatever you enjoy most! The quality of the meals and snacks in Business Class is also head and shoulders above the standard economy fare. Highly rated chefs are often on board preparing your meals fresh so you don’t need to reach your destination starved for your next meal.

Extra Space + Reclining Seat Beds:

Another game changer associated with flying Business is the extra leg room and full stretch options that many airlines are offering nowadays. Of course, some planes even have full suite options that afford optimal privacy, luxury and comfort while in transit. Don’t forget about all the extra space available in Business Class to easily stash your carry on bags and duty free goodies. This extra room and lie-flat bed option is in stark contrast to the usual rush to grab an overhead bin in economy fare you’re likely used to. 

If you’re ready for a flight experience with no surprises, extra legroom, amenities, swag, special service and high class food and beverages- clearly giving Business Class a chance is the choice for you. At Luxury Business Class we specialize in helping you find the most affordable rates for your chosen destinations via our trained travel agents and database of international flight offerings. We look forward to servicing your requests and hope to be able to provide you the experience you deserve during your next travels!

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